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How to Install Maven on macOS using Homebrew

This post provides a step-by-step guide with a list of commands on how to install Maven on macOS using Homebrew.

What is Maven?

Maven is a build automation tool used primarily for Java projects. Maven assist in simple project setup following best practices. It assist in complex dependancy management including automatic updating of artefacts from central repositories into your local repository.

What is Homebrew?

Homebrew is a free and open-source software package management system that simplifies the installation of software on Appleā€™s macOS operating system. It is known as the missing package manager for macOS.

Quick Commands

The following is the single command required to install Maven on macOS using Homebrew.

$ brew install maven

Brew Commands

This section provides a quick set of commands on how to install Maven on macOS using Homebrew. It is assumed that Homebrew is already installed. If not, please follow this link.

$ brew update             # Fetch latest version of homebrew and formula.
$ brew search maven       # Searches all known formulae for a partial or exact match.
$ brew info maven         # Displays information about the given formulae.
$ brew install maven      # Install the given formulae.
$ brew cleanup            # Remove any older versions from the cellar.

Validate Installation

You can validate the installation by invoking a Maven command that display the version:

$ mvn -v
Apache Maven 3.6.0 (97c98ec64a1fdfee7767ce5ffb20918da4f719f3; 2018-10-24T20:41:47+02:00)
Maven home: /usr/local/Cellar/maven/3.6.0/libexec
Java version: 11.0.5, vendor: Oracle Corporation, runtime: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-11.0.5.jdk/Contents/Home
Default locale: en_GB, platform encoding: UTF-8
OS name: "mac os x", version: "10.14.5", arch: "x86_64", family: "mac"


Congratulations! You have successfully installed Maven on macOS making use of Homebrew. Follow me on any of the different social media platforms and feel free to leave comments.